A few years ago I changed my pace, and made some space and now I welcome you to kikospace. This is a room connected to other rooms. The content of the rooms will shift with the seasons and with the experiences that are called to be there. The intention will remain the same. Kikospace is a gentle wave of inquiry and discovery into the practice and journey of creative and compassionate living. Kikospace is inclusive and open to all beings who share the recognition that we are intrinsically connected.

Here are some ideas of what you may find at Kikospace: art, sound, yoga, meditation, holistic healing, flowers, food, community, discussion, movement, magic, friendship, learning. Sometimes you may find that Kikospace is closed, and that the hours are unusual. Focused content, balance and restorative living are essential components to the existence of Kikospace. Conversations, collaborations and visits are encouraged and welcome.

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